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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s controversial Vogue photoshoot with his wife

The war conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, while that happens the President of the country with capital in Kyiv, Volodymyr Zelensky, appeared with his wife Olena Zelenska in a photo shoot for the famous Vogue Magazine that has sparked a great controversy worldwide due to what many consider a frivolity.

In the magazine’s publication entitled “Portrait of bravery: Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska“, Ukraine’s top leader poses with his wife in different locations including the ruins of the Kiev airport and the official residence of the country’s top rulers.

What is the theme of the Vogue publication?

In addition to all this, the publication includes a long interview with the First Lady of Ukraine, in which she talks about “life in wartime, their marriage and shared history, and dreams for the future of Ukraine,” Vogue wrote on its Instagram account.

This promotion to the presidential couple was even shared on Twitter by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, with the following message:

“The First Couple of Ukraine. Look closer at their faces. Pain, courage… and determination to win.”

A frivolous wartime photoshoot?

As for the production, it was made by photographer Annie Leibovitz and has unleashed a huge controversy by people from all over the world, as they have been considered out of place and out of time, with a people still suffering the ravages of a war.

According to Vogue Magazine, in addition to being already available in its digital edition, it will be published in the printed magazine during the month of October.

The article not only talks about Olena Zelenska‘s diplomatic work during the war, but also reports on the beginning of the presidential couple’s love affair and her life in the entertainment world prior to her husband’s political career.

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