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VAR Decisions To Be Explained To Fans At Euro 2024

Fans at Euro 2024 will be given more detailed information on video-assisted refereeing decisions than before, organisers UEFA said Wednesday.


The head of UEFA’s refereeing committee Roberto Rosetti said screens at stadiums across Germany will provide “technical explanations” of VAR calls to improve spectator understanding.

One of various criticisms of VAR technology since its widespread introduction has been the difficulty match-going fans have in understanding why certain decisions are made.

After the video assistance, the technical explanation of the decision will be shown on the giant screens in the stadiums,” explained Rosetti at a press briefing at the Allianz Arena, ahead of the tournament opener on Friday.

Rosetti offered an example of the type of information fans will be given after a VAR call.

At the 2023 Women’s World Cup officials announced decisions to spectators verbally before restarting play.

Rosetti said referees will be able to give explanations to the captains of the teams they are refereeing but other players challenging decisions or demanding information will be cautioned.

This rule was applied in all three UEFA club competition finals, with two yellow cards in the Champions League final, two yellow cards in the Europa League final and one yellow card in the Conference League final.

We do this for the next generations… for football and the image of the game, for the young players and for the young referees, said Rosetti.

For teams with a goalkeeper as captain — Italy and Slovenia — an outfield player will be chosen before the match to stand in.

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