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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Yeka – Help

Yeka - Help ART
Yeka Onka the beautiful songstress, blessed with an angelic voice. The beautiful diva made her voice known by using her God given talent to appeal to the government to #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS.
Somewhere in the world, their voices cry out. Young and have been thrown in a wilderness of desolation, their pain fails the strength in my heart, will we continue to fold our arms and do nothing? I look unto the heaven for help as it seems every day, evil wins the battle for the good in our hearts.
And her reply was, together. Together, where your heart is weak, mine will be strong. Together, we will win this battle, together, even the heavens can’t hold nothing from us, together will bring our girls back, together we will overcome and heal this land.
“We cannot be silent! Our voices must be heard until our girls are home”
Please heed our cry and bring back our girls.


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