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Concacaf Qualifiers: Robinson keeps the USA in second place vs El Salvador

Concacaf’s World Cup Qualifiers resumed today with three simultaneous games at the top, one of those matches was the USA vs El Salvador in Columbus, Ohio.

A victory would keep the stars and stripes close to Canada in the fight to qualify for the Qatar World Cup at the end of the year.

After a first half with no goals and a complicated defensive response from El Salvador, the United States entered the second half with resolve.

They were determined to get the victory that would grant them more confidence for what’s coming. Antonee Robinson caught a loose ball six minutes into the second half during a series of shots taken by many of his teammates.

He caught the volley and sent it to the bottom corner, it was more than enough for the United States National Team to protect the result for the rest of the game.

Despite El Salvador’s attempts, the locals are learning that having their crowd is increasingly more beneficial.

It’s not only against Mexico when the fans show up, they are getting more and more excited for the team they are putting together for the World Cup.

If they continue like this, the United States should become a problem for any national team in the world during the tournament. It’s not certain they will qualify yet, but this victory left them with a great shot at sealing the ticket.

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