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Drake donates $1 million to LeBron James charity in Bitcoin

Drake is giving back to the community by associating with LeBron James’s organization.

The Canadian rapper donated a million dollars in Bitcoin to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

The LeBron James Family Foundation helps underprivileged students combined with diverse initiatives.

With a partnership with, an online gambling site used by Drake, the rapper won, as he claims, 1 million dollars.

Drake placed a “massive bet” as TMZ reports, on their online roulette tables. He got a large sum of money as a reward for his roulette move.

Part of the money went to the Lebron James Foundation. The same James visited Toronto last weekend and caught up with Drake in a restaurant called Harbour 60.

Drake took a local high school basketball player called Michael to the dinner. He’s part of the Royal Crown Academy and is on his way to continuing his amateur career at college.

Drake also donated $100,000 to Michael and his mom. The social media platforms captured the moment of the donation.

The lesson is to transform your online casino profits into good gestures.

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