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Hilda Dokubo counters judgment that jailed leaker of Imo state commissioner’s ‘fake sex tape


Veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo has countered the court judgement that jailed leaker of Buhari’s appointee, Chief Willie Amadi’s ”fake sex tape.”

LIB reported earlier that 20-year-old school leaver, Peter Nwoke was arrested and imprisoned for leaking a video of the lawyer and Federal Commissioner of Imo State Office of Public Complaints Commission. The 12-second video suggested that the appointee of President Muhammadu Buhari had a threesome, but the convict claimed that he superimposed Amadi’s picture on a background with a sex scene.

Reacting to this via a Facebook post she shared, Hilda Dokubo stated that such technology does not exist. The entertainer who noted that she has been in the industry since 1992 and has moved from being an actress to being a director, wondered how much might have been given to the 20-year-old man as ”compensation” for him to” jeopardize his future.”

Dokubo further wondered why the court judgement was hurriedly gotten on the case when there are other important cases taking so much time. She also asked Mr Amadi to take his fall and resign from his position instead of playing with the intelligence of Nigerians.

The actress wrote;

What type of compensation and or what level of threat made a 20 year old youth jeopardize his future bagging a twelve months prison sentence by confessing to an obvious lie? Claiming to have done a presently impossible act of video editing and special effects(sfx)! The technology to perform this level of seamless super imposing of still picture on motion picture does not exist! And the knowledge and manpower required to do it? Will need more than the black panther team.

Watch the video, note who took the shots, see the position of the principal player, watch his hands, sitting positions and movement. Watch the reaction of the background players on noticing that they were on camera.

The devil is in the details in the mirror.

I pray that soon someone will help the young man regain his freedom and return to his family.

Well I hope that the same speed used on this case will

be used in restoring peace in Orlu and protecting the citizens.

Nigeria we hail thee


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