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Holyfield vs Tyson could happen on July 11 in Saudi Arabia


In one of 2020’s most anticipated fights, two former world champions, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, could come face-to-face in a repeat of their unforgettable 1997 fight.

A poster has been released for the bout which could take place on July 11 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Holyfield (57-years-old) and Tyson (53-years-old) announced weeks ago that they would put their gloves back on for charity.

It will be a rematch of the fight in which Tyson bit Holyfield‘s ear and was disqualified and lost his boxing license in the state of Nevada, though he later recovered it.

There is still no official confirmation from the promoters, but the poster released has fuelled rumours on social media.