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Moise Kean stands defiant in the face of racism from Cagliari ultras


Juventus continued their march to an eighth successive Serie A title with a 2-0 victory over Cagliari on Tuesday evening, however the match was marred by racist abuse suffered by Moise Kean and Blaise Matuidi, with the former standing defiant in the face of such vulgarity.

After being on the receiving end of boos, racist chants and whistles for much of the evening as a vocal minority of the home support vented their frustration in a sub-human manner, the 19-year-old responded by scoring a decisive second goal for the Bianconeri.

As part of his celebrations, he merely stood arms akimbo looking at those who had been hurling abuse at him.

It was a gesture that showed the pent-up frustration of a teenager merely trying to play football, yet it only served to bring out even more hatred from the most extreme figures in that particular section of the Sardegna Arena.

Unfortunately for the teenage forward, he wasn’t completely backed by some of his teammates and coach with both Leonardo Bonucci and Massimiliano Allegriplacing some blame on the youngster for the situation.

“As usual, there are some imbeciles and we should identify those guilty with cameras, but you need great intelligence to deal with these situations and you shouldn’t go and provoke people,” Allegri told Sky Sport.

“Kean knows that when he scores a goal, he has to focus on celebrating with his teammates, he knows he could have done something differently too, I think the blame is 50/50,” Bonucci explained in an interview with Sky Sport.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Cagliari supporters have been under the spotlight for such incidents, with Matuidi himself having received similar racist abuse back in January of 2018.

Unfortunately, rather like that of the Montenegrin Football Association in the wake of similar abuse aimed at Danny Rose and Raheem Sterling, the response from Cagliari has been poor, with president Tommaso Giulini refusing to acknowledge the severity of the problem.

“If Bernardeschi had scored, the same thing would have happened,” Giuliniexplained.

“Nothing had happened until the goal, don’t try and exploit this thing, Kean was in the wrong and the Juventus players have also said that.

Cagliari rejects all accusations of racism.”