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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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New Drake” says Rihanna is being too needy! She wants the “Old Drake” back.

There might be hope for Drake and Rihanna to reconcile yet. Their relationship is reportedly on a standstill because Rihanna takes offense of Drake’s words and neglect of her. However, Rihanna is reported to be claiming that their romance can go back to what it was if Drake would shape up. Rihanna is willing to give Drake another chance to treat her like a one-in-a-million woman, Hollywood Life reports, or else they would officially break up.

Rihanna was hurt when Drake told her she was being too needy, all because she just wants to be with him more. Rihanna took Drake’s statement as an offense and resolved to show him how unclingy she can be. Rihanna rose up to the challenge and did everything she can to ignore Drake.

Rihanna does not understand the sudden drastic change in her boyfriend’s behavior. It was not a long time ago when they were having the time of their lives going on dates and covering tours together. Even though Drake suddenly seems cold towards her, Rihanna is not the one going to do the chasing. instead, the “Diamond” star is offering an ultimatum for Drake to shape up or else lose her.

“I wouldn’t say they’re broken up but they’re at a standstill, a pause if you will. Put it like this, Rihanna likes him – a lot – and she’s not trying to lose him,” reports. “She doesn’t know how to grasp the situation, meaning him wanting to hustle and focus on work. She gets it but still thinks he should be able to make time for him no matter what. She’s a woman and she wants to be put on a pedestal.”

Rihanna said it’s Drake’s fault that she expects more from him. Rihanna was treated like royalty by Drake at the beginning of their relationship. Rihanna claimed that she has gotten used to it and now that Drake is changing, she is not having it.

“Real talk, she wouldn’t even be tripping this hard if he didn’t come hard with the flattering in the beginning. She thinks it’s his fault for spoiling her rotten,” Hollywood Life reports. “She got used to it, used to feeling like the only girl in the world – even bigger than the almighty dollar itself – and then he stopped. That’s not the business and she hates when guys do that.”

“If he’s going to make her feel like she’s a one of a kind rose in the beginning and water her every second of the day, then he better keep watering her because if he doesn’t, the rose is going to die,” the source of Hollywood Life adds. “She doesn’t want that and she doesn’t believe he does either.”

According to Hollywood Life, Drake still loves Rihanna, despite their current fallout. if this is so, then it would not be too difficult for Drake to rise up to Rihanna’s challenge.

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