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Apple and Google signed a truce in patent war

Maybe Apple has seen the way the courts will not bring you much joy and has reached an agreement with Google to abandon patent lawsuits they face directly and work together to promote reform of the patent system, though the agreement does not include the exchange of patent licenses. According to Reuters, the cessation of legal hostilities was signed with Motorola Mobility , the business unit phones from Google is in the process of being acquired by Lenovo, which has been seen with Apple faces in courts since 2010 when both companies were enrolled patent violation lawsuits that failed to thrive and were dismissed in 2012.

Both companies have now agreed to put aside their outstanding demands, which is around about 20 complaints in the U.S. and Germany. Yet it seems that this truce does not extend to claims against Samsung that Apple seems to remain. Agreement to reform the patent system might have to do with any action against so-called “patent troll” (patent troll) that opportunistically accumulate patents and then sue companies in a practice that has been considered as a form of extortion.

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