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Outrage in America as white policemen tie handcuffed Blackman to horses


Just days after the racism inspired shooting in El-Paso, two white policemen in Galveston, Texas, have triggered outrage after a shocking picture surfaced of a handcuffed black man being led through the streets by officers on horseback.

Donald Neely, 43, had been arrested for criminal trespassing close to a private property in Galveston, after having been warned several times not to trespass at this location.

However, instead of waiting for a transportation vehicle, two white officers – named as Officer P. Brosch and Officer A. Smith – tied a rope to Mr. Neely’s handcuffs and forced him walk behind their horses for approximately eight blocks to where the mounted patrol unit was situated.

The original video of the shocking incident was posted by Erin Toberman and has gone viral, evoking anger across the racial divide.

What some of the Commenters said on Twitter said:

New York Times: “The image has gone viral and sparked outrage toward the Galveston Police Department, especially among African-American people. Its symbolism, critics said, harked back to the era of slavery and segregation.”.

James Douglas, president of the Houston branch of the civil rights organisation NAACP, agreed the photo showed a lack of respect, adding: “This is 2019 and not 1819.”

Galveston Police Department has apologised in a public statement confirming a ‘line’ was ‘clipped’ to Mr. Neely’s handcuffs before he was led through the streets by mounted officers.

The department said this method is ‘considered a best practice in certain scenarios’ (e.g. crowd control). It however agreed it was used incorrectly in this instance.

Read the police statement:

Galveston Police statement

After the apology, one commenter said: