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Prince Harry is reportedly going through a rough time after King Charles III’s snub

Getting snubbed on the same level as Prince Andrew has by his own father is reportedly rubbing Prince Harry the wrong way.

After King Charles III decided to not offer his youngest son any responsibilities inside the monarchy, there are reports of the Duke of Sussex not going through a great time in California. All Harry wanted to do was to protect his wife, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle from any form of attacks against her on the tabloids. But more importantly, Prince Harry is also looking out for his children Archie and Lilibet.

After the king’s announcement last weekend, Prince Harry is reportedly having a terrible week as he does feel completely abandoned by his own father. Writing for the, Royal Family expert Daniela Elser explained which of King Charles III’s decisions made Prince Harry feel like that. According toher, the king is taking a responsibility that used to be his as Captain General of the Royal Marines. As you all know, Prince Harry served in Afghanistan and he holds a special place in his heart for all the troops. This role was bestowed upon him by the Queen just a year before his wedding.

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Prince Harry’s memoir, titled ‘Spare,’ to come out January 10

Can Prince Harry mend his relationship with the king?

If he wants to return to normalcy, Prince Harry has a lot of things to do in order to get back into King Charles III’s good graces. First of all, he would have to move back to the United Kingdom and remain close with the family. The king did always have a predilection for this idea of a united front within the Royal Family. All this division between all members is not what envisioned as the future king. Getting this lost role back will be very important to Prince Harry, who has always been defined by his military service.

But more importantly for him, Prince Harry needs to stop trying to air Royal Family secrets for the rest of the world to see. The fact that his wife has a podcast and an incoming documentary where he discusses her life inside the Royal Family has always been questioned by ‘The Firm‘. Also, Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir cannot be published if he wants to recover his relationship with not only his father, but his brother as well. Regardless of what need to happen, many of what Prince Harry has done against the monarchy seems like irreparable damage at this point.



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