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Temmie Ovwasa: Olamide’s wife turned me to errand girl while with YBNL

Temmie Ovwasa, the Nigerian singer, has opened up about her experience during her time with the YBNL record label.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ovwasa said she was being paraded in the label as a “princess” but “felt humiliated” by Adebukunmi Suleiman, Olamide’s wife, who she perceives as “classist and disrespectful”.

She said Adebukunmi “constantly reminded” her that she was from a poor background and “turned me into an errand girl”.

“I got into the music industry to sing, Olamide paraded me as the ‘princess’ but once the cameras were off I was in a house with his disrespectful a** classist wife who made it her mission to remind me that I was a poor girl that they brought from Ilorin to change her life,” she said.

“Your structureless record label put me in a house with your wife and she turned me to her freaking errand girl.”

The singer claimed to have recorded over 25 songs during her time at the label, but Pheelz, a producer, allegedly misplaced the hard drive containing her work.

She added that she only released four songs while with YBNL; but since leaving the label, she has put out so “many songs that could fit into a body of work”.

“I recorded over 25 songs and Pheelz opened his wide mouth to tell me he misplaced the hard drive. 25 songs!” Ovwasa said.

“I spent 5 years at YBNL and released 4 songs! I have recorded and released three albums since I left these people, and I have so many songs I could drop an album every week!”

Ovwasa joined the YBNL record label in 2016 and left the label in 2020.

During her time with the label, she released ‘Bamidele,’ ‘E Be Like Say Dem Swear for Me!’, ‘Holy Water,’ and ‘Afefe.’

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