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Tyson Fury attracts more clients to a Liverpool pub with a shirtless display

One thing is inexcusable, Tyson Fury sure can put on a show anywhere he goes. This time around, the retired WBC Heavyweight champion is enjoying life as we speak. There are constant rumors of Fury possibly returning to an exhibition match against the likes fo Hafthor Bjornsson, but nothing is set in stone yet.

For now, Tyson wants to keep enjoying his millions with his friends and family. In his latest adventure, the big man visited the city of Liverpool where he made a surprise appearance at a pub in Aintree called ‘The Queens‘. Initially, people took a short time to recognize him but they finally did when they realized that the shirtless giant was the champ himself.

Fury decided to entertain a few of the attendees at the pub, take pictures and hang around for a bit. It took only a few monutes for the place to get packed due to Tyson Fury’s presence. This man is definitely a party animal who loves having a good time, although he needs to be careful with going too far.

It all happened during the weekend as Tyson keeps his wide UK tour going while he finally makes a decision about his future. We are all wondering if he will truly remain retired or he will get us another fight to remember him forever. It all will depend on the August bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Athony Joshua.

When will Tyson Fury return to boxing?

While that Joshua vs Usyk fight happens, we still want Tyson Fury to remain active in case he decides to unify the belts. In order to keep his belts active, he at least has to defend them once over the next year. However, staying active might mean that an exhibition match can happen between now and the time he decides to defend his belts.

Let Tyson enjoy his fame and fortune for a little longer, but protect him from falling into a deep depression again at all costs. We all know how difficult it can get for people who suffer this chronic condition, it’s hard to get out of it later in life.

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