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World Cup authorities issue statement after a Danish TV crew was threatened in Qatar

The Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup is just a few days away and every day more and more fans and media representatives from all over the world arrive to the Middle Eastern nation to enjoy the biggest tournament in football around the world.

Yesterday a video emerged of a Danish reporter and his crew being threatened with the smashing of their filming camera by on site security officials, but know the Qatar’s World Cup organizers are calling the whole matter a mistake made by the security official.

Danish reporter on Qatar gets threatened while doing his job

While filming a Qatar World Cup 2022 preview segment in Doha, Danish correspondent Rasmus Tantholdt was interrupted and threatened by a security guard and men in traditional clothing. The journalist showed his credentials and told the security officer that they had the right to film anywhere on public property.

After the confrontation escalated, the security officer threatened the “break” their filming equipment.

“We now got an apology from Qatar International Media Office and from Qatar Supreme Commitee”. Despite the apology, he rightfully asks: “Will it happen to other media as well?”, Tantholdt expressed.





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