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Yetunde Bakare, Habibat Jinad clash over four-year feud

Yetunde Bakare and Habibat Jinad, the Yoruba actresses, are back at each other throats after four years of seemingly setting aside their differences.

On Monday, Habibat shared a video on Instagram calling out Yetunde.

She accused her, among other people, of trying to tarnish her image in the movie industry.

Habibat claimed that Yetunde spoke ill of her to their colleagues in the industry four years ago.

She said this prevented her from finding favour with movie producers.

“I am begging you all for the sake of my son. Please and please, I’m begging you in the name of God,” she wrote.

“[I] have fought so many battles and I’m still standing, have been broken, destroyed, rejected, and abandoned but am still walking proudly.

Please let me live in peace for the sake of my son.”

In response to the post, Yetunde took to her Instagram to narrate what transpired between them four years ago.

She also denied speaking ill of her accuser whom she dismissed as “a joker”.

“I’ll just make it simple out of respect for my son and because you’re not a stranger to me Nobody,” she said.

I repeat, absolutely nobody asked me about you either for a job or business.

“If you want to create enemies for me based on hearsay that happened 4 years ago, go on then. You’re a joker.”


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