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Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo Angrily Warns Those Calling Him Ritualist (Watch Video)


Veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has angrily warned those calling him a ritualist by claiming he has used his hypeman for rituals.

Kanayo joined the #Don’t Leave Me Challenge where he was trying to play with words but unfortunately, there was no hypeman in the video to tell him not to leave.

Netizens while reacting to his video trolled him by saying he has used his hypeman for rituals just like he has been doing in his past movies.

Kanayo who was obviously not pleased about that sent a stern warning to those calling him a ritualist by saying he isn’t finding that joke funny anymore.

We are doing something about is Don’t Leave Me challenge, all you’re talking about is rituals. Go and do rituals with yourself. I’m playing a role.

I’m not angry but the fact is that there are some people who don’t contribute anything to followership. All they want to do is distract you and when I go on their page

I see that they have only two people following them, meanwhile, I’m following about 1,000 people, so, why should I worry about you? But I don’t want you to distract others,

Watch video below:-