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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Beyonce Needs to Purge Something From Her Life, That’s For Sure

Solange Knowles — Beyonce’s sister — attacked Jay Z in a vicious elevator frenzy during the Met Gala last week, and the only thing more curious than why she freaked is why big sis Beyonce stood idly by as if she were either a) accustomed to this kind of super violent behavior between her sister and husband, or b) not all that concerned.

Check out the interesting post Beyonce shared right after the feud went down, because it talks about purging negative entities and choosing friends wisely:
Could Solange be the toxic one here? I mean, it sure seems that way — whatever’s happening between the three people involved here, violence is clearly no answer to anything, and the fact that Jay Z stands his ground without making a move to retaliate against Solange says a whole lot.

Somebody appears to be unstable — but it doesn’t appear to be the stoic Beyonce or cautiously defensive Jay Z.


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