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Faces of Damien Tarel who slapped President Macron


Damien Tarel, who slapped French President, Emmanuel Macron will appear before a judge in a fast-track trial on Thursday.

Damien, a 28-year old has been in custody since Tuesday when the incident happened.

He is to be convicted of assaulting a public figure when he appears before a magistrate in the southern town of Valence.Damien Tarel a medieval age Frenchman

Damien Tarel a medieval age Frenchman.

Damien Tarel in another  medieval outfit

Damien Tarel in another medieval outfit

According to a statement by Alex Perrin a local prosecutor, Damien had acknowledged striking Macron while the president was on a visit to a professional training college.

However, he told investigators it was not premeditated.

He maintained that he acted out of impulse and ‘without thinking’ to express his discontent the prosecutor noted.


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