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Iyabo Ojo: Some women afraid to leave abusive marriage due to laziness


Iyabo Ojo, a Nigerian actress, says some women are always scared of leaving an abusive marriage because they are not strong-willed to face the attendant challenges.

In an Instagram live session on Saturday, the movie star said it was unfortunate that women have continued to suffer a series of abuses in their marriage because they are lazy to walk away.

“Women are always afraid of walking away from bad relationships because they’re lazy. A bad marriage is a bad marriage no matter how you want to paint it,” she said.

The mother of two also said she has been overwhelmed with complaints from several married women seeking her advice on what to do after enduring abuses in their marriage for years.

According to her, women must come to terms with the reality that marriage is not a do or die affair as often preached in the society.

She added that those battling assaults and other forms of abuse should learn to walk away regardless of other people’s opinions to avoid depression.

Citing herself as an instance, Ojo said women should articulate survival plans whenever they sensed that their marriage is headed for a crash.

The actress has made the headlines on numerous occasions for airing her views over a range of issues including relationships and politics.


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