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Kylie Jenner and Stormi visit Travis Scott’s sold-out show in London

Both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi were happy to join their favorite rapper in London when he performed in front of 20,000 super excited fans in the O2 Arena.

They both were out there with the crowd instead of being in a VIP area and enjoyed the concert as normal attendees

First time since Astroworld

This marks the first time that rapper Travis Scott performs in an arena full of singing and clapping fans since the tragic event of Astroworld where people died during his performance, Scott unbeknownst to the situation continued singing until he was aware of the situation.

The concert went on and the crowd cheered like crazy

Before the song Mamacitas, Travis told the crowd about Kylie, Stormi, and their baby boy who was born in February, and dedicated the song to his family.

Performed a Donda song

Scott gave all he had to the crowd and even performed the intro for the song God’s Country which was supposed to be on the critically acclaimed Donda album by Kanye West, but somehow the song got scratched from the album list.

Champagne showers

During the performance Travis saw that both Kevin Durant and James Harden were in the crowd and then backstage, they were happy to indulge in the celebration by showering Scott with fine champagne.

Once the show was over, Travis and Kylie got together and went to have dinner at an exclusive restaurant and had a blast.

Shopping and sightseeing

Meanwhile, Kylie and Stormi also took advantage of the trip and went to visit Big Ben and also made some room in the schedule to do some shopping.

Travis will be playing in South America and after that, he will leave for Las Vegas to do a residency.

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