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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Official: Rapper MI Abaga To Run For Local Govt Chairman in 2015 Elections

African rapper and Chocolate City Vice President, Jude ‘MI’ Abaga, wishes to officially announce his intention to run for chairman of a local government in the forthcoming 2015 election. MI will be campaigning for the position of chairman of the Takum local government in his home state of Taraba. Speaking on his decision, Jude Abaga said, ”It is something I’ve always intended to do: use my voice as a tool for social change. So come next year, I’ll be going full on into politics and running for Local Government Chairman in Taraba State. If you notice, all my albums have politically conscious songs. From the Talk about It Album, to various songs on MI2, I’ve always spoken for the people and am confident, when the time comes, they will speak for me too.”

Chocolate City President, Audu Maikori says while they will Miss Jude’s creative input to the business, they are happy to see him take this step. “I’ve worked with Jude Abaga for many years, close to a decade. And he is a trustworthy, dependent individual who has a way with words. Chocolate city family is solidly behind him and wishes him all the best in his political endeavours.”

The rapper plans to release his album and spend the last half of the year campaigning.
Already, he is putting together a team to begin organizing and spearheading the campaign. Leading this team is long time political analyst and popular Wendy Simi.

“We’re confident that we’re going to win this. We’ve looked at all focus groups and the polls are showing we’re doing well. A lot of people don’t realise that MI is quite popular back in his home state of Taraba. Speaking on the campaign, Campaign Manager Wendy Simi stated that the Chairman song and campaign was the first part in sensitizing the youth and nation about his intent.
We wanted people to get used to calling him Chairman. So when election time comes, it will be a lot easier to associate him with this position and vote for him. People will have already come to associate him with the position on their minds. On campaign strategy, she said: “We’re working on a way where all MI fans can go and register in Takum L.G.A and vote for him in the elections. We are confident this will boost our numbers and completely give us the victory.”
Jude Abaga, in a bold and controversial move, has decided not to run on any existing political party platforms, but to begin his own youth oriented party: The Forum for Unification, Constancy and Knowledge.

His mandate is expressed simply in 4 words: Solidarity, Honour, Integrity, and Trust. We are all excited to be a part of this” said Reuben Aba T, Public relations Manager for the Campaign, “We’re calling on all youth to support this movement. And also to get ready to move to Taraba state Takum L.G.A to register and vote come 2015.”
And enjoy April Fool’s Day.
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