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Referee beaten to death by players and fans in El Salvador

The Salvadoran Football Federation (FESFUT) has released an official statement to confirm the death of referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya.

According to FESFUT, Amaya lost his life last weekend after being brutally beaten by “pseudo fans and players” during an amateur match played at the Toluca stadium in San Salvador.

As a federation we condemn all acts of violence that are being generated in the different sporting venues in the country,” the statement read.

Jose Arnoldo Amaya’s long career

Amaya, who was a referee with 20 years of experience, was in charge of a match in the Miramonte neighbourhood of San Salvador.

The incident took place following his decision to send off a player by showing him two yellow cards, which provoked an argument and, subsequently, the terrible incident.

Amaya received blows that caused internal haemorrhaging and lost his life after being taken to the Zacamil Hospital.

He belonged to the National Association of Football Referees in El Salvador (AAFES) and officiated youth tournaments and amateur league games.

“As a federation, we condemn what happened to referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya, and we trust that the authorities can find those responsible for taking the life of the referee,” commented president Hugo Carrillo on the TV show ‘El Tiki Taka’.

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