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Shakira continues to show off with ‘Te Felicito’ and topping the charts in Spain and the world

The song ‘Te Felicito’, by Shakira featuring Rauw Alejandro, continues to sweep after its release last April. The effect that the separation of the Colombian artist with Gerard Piqué had will never be known to us, however, the lyrics of the song have generated a lot of interest worldwide.

Shakira, so far, has not commented on whether the song is addressed to the Barcelona player, her former partner Gerard Piqué. During an interview for This Morning, Shakira gave a couple of hints of what the sing really is about, but left plenty of room for interpretation: “I think it happens to all women, from time to time. You think you are in a sincere relationship, but it is not as real as you thought so.”

Shakira has been quite active on social media. In her last Twitter post, the singer boasted that ‘Te Felicito’ had ranked first on Spanish radio. Something that leaves it in a good place to become one of the most listened to and danced songs in that country during its summer season.

The song allegedly talks about an infidelity and the deception that a person feels when someone they trust is disloyal. A few words that have generated many comments and reactions on social media. However, the Colombian artist never delved deeper, other than saying her children inspired successful video that was released with the single. This was the first song the Colombian artist has released in Spanish since 2020.

It also worth noting that on YouTube it is becoming one of the most played songs worldwide. The video already exceeds 200 million views, which makes it one of the most listened to on the planet.

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