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You’re a disgrace’ – Adesua Etomi slams Lauretta Onochie


Adesua Etomi, a Nigerian actress, bashed Lauretta Onochie, special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari over the latter’s recent post on COVID-19.

The presidential aide had taken to her Twitter page on Monday to share a photo of poorly dressed children wearing facemasks made of cardboard.

In a post accompanying the photo, she had stressed the need for a collective effort in tackling the spread of the novel disease, while commending those who inspired the facemasks donated to the kids.

“Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It’s not punishment by the government, protect yourself. Wear one. These have made efforts with masking where those of us who are more vulnerable & susceptible to COVID-19 are still swearing that it’s a scam. God bless their efforts,” she had written.

Commenting on the post on Tuesday, Etomi described Onochie as “a disgrace both home and abroad.”

The movie star said rather than addressing the poor condition of the kids, the presidential aide was “spewing nonsense.”

“You are a disgrace. Both home & abroad. You should be ashamed that these children have to do this with cardboards. Instead of talking about how to tackle poverty so they can be protected adequately against the virus, you’re spewing this nonsense,” she wrote on Twitter.


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