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Israel Adesanya detained at JFK Airport for possession of brass knuckles

As he attempted to leave New York City, UFC Middleweight Israel Adesanya was detained by the JFK Airport police for possession of brass knuckles. These are considered a weapon and they are completely illegal at any airport in the United States. When the airport security was checking on Adesanya’s luggage, they found the item that ‘Izzy‘ didn’t know existed. The story behind what actually happened will surprise more than one but needless to say, Adesanya immediately cooperated with the authorities and the matter was settled.

As it turns out, a fan offered a wrapped gift to the former champ that Adesanya didn’t think about opening. He simply put it in his luggage and decided to travel with it. To his surprise, that gift was a set of brass knuckles that the police obviously found. Since they realized Adesanya wasn’t aware he carried these with him, they reportedly let him leave without an issue. It is still unclear how much time Adesanya was kept in custody while the matter was settled but he was there for an important period of time.

There was fear Adesanya would get convicted of a crime

As the matter happened, the police kept the fighter in custody and reports of the detention started flooding the media. Fear of a possible arrest and conviction was defeinitely present. If charged, Israel Adesanya could’ve faced a year in jail and a hefty fine. But all those fear disappeared as soon as manager Tim Simpson offered a statement to the folks at TMZ Sports: “Israel was handed a gift by a fan, which he put in his luggage. When flagged at the airport, Israel quickly disposed of the item, and cooperated with authorities. He has complied accordingly, with that the matter was dismissed and he is on his way home.”

Israel Adesanya just lost his Middleweight belt against Alex Pereira at Madison Square Garden last Saturday. This is only the second loss he suffers as a UFC star, he is one of the most recognized and successful athletes in the sport. Had he gotten arrested for this, it would’ve definitely stained his reputation. However, Israel Adesanya knows better than to mess with the laws of a country where he is a foreigner. After the defeat, Izzy has taken the defeat with grace and confirmed he is still motivated to go after the belt as soon as he is given the chance.



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