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Kanye West apologises, says ‘I’m sorry to the Jewish people I hurt’

Kanye ‘Ye’ West, the American rapper, has issued an apology to the Jewish community over his anti-semitic remarks.


In the past few weeks, West has gone on a series of anti-semitic rants on social media.

On Instagram, the rapper alleged that Jews control Hollywood. This led to his suspension from the platform.

West also took to Twitter to say he was going “death con 3 on the Jewish people” — apparently referring to the military readiness condition. He was also suspended on the microblogging platform.

His remarks had provoked a chorus of condemnation and mounted public pressure on the companies with whom he has business dealings to sever ties with him.

But in a recent interview, Ye apologised for his “hurting” remarks, saying he considers the Jews as “my brothers”.


“You know why I apologise… why I say I’m sorry to the Jewish people that I hurt. I’m not going to hold this apology hostage. Obviously, it’s about God, but God is everything right so what’s the point of having a language you can’t engineer and you keep saying God, God, God,” he said.

“God asked us to be judgmental because if you are a doctor right, it’s your judgment that saves grandma and God puts that in there. We have God inside us, we are a piece of God. So I’m going to go specifically to a person.

“That story about DaVinci alone is enough reason for me to give a sincere apology to the Jewish people because I do believe that there’s a DaVinci code inside of all of my misspellings and scribbles right here that God wants me to get to the world.

“When I’m in my way, if God has set something on me, I’m in God’s way. I can point at other people and say hey you guys are in God’s way because you guys are not listening to me.

“But if I’m in my way, I’m not listening to God, and for me to be a philosopher and a leader whatever the language, I have to listen to God. So before God, what I would do is start off as a Samurai and say I’m sorry for hurting you.

“As a Jewish person, I’m sorry for the way that I made you feel and I’m sorry to the entire population of a race that I feel is actually my brothers. Because I classify and feel that I’m also connected with Christ in the way that my people came from Africa.”

Adidas recently ended its partnership with the rapper while Skechers, the American shoe company, kicked him out of its office after showing up “unannounced”.

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