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Kemi Adetiba announces release date of the new movie, ‘Den of Snakes’


Popular movie maker, Kemi Adetiba has announced that a movie she is still working on, ‘Den of Snakes’ would be released in December. 

The ‘King of Boys’ director announced her new project in a tweet shared on June 1, 2021. She tweeted: ” ‘DEN OF SNAKES’ – Christmas 2021 #KAVNotSoSecretAnymoreProject.”

Months back, Kemi announced audition for the secret KAV production and reportedly got quite a number of entries. Although details are currently under wraps, the revered filmmaker hints on it being another blockbuster.

News of the new project comes amid reports of a soon to be announced release date for Adetiba’s highly anticipated Netflix project, ‘King of Boys 2’.

The prequel is set to premiere exclusively on the global streaming platform and remains one of the most talked about Nollywood projects.


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