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LaLiga file complaint against PSG for breaching FFP to renew Mbappe’s contract

LaLiga have reported Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA for breaching Financial Fair Play rules in order to renew Kylian Mbappe’s contract.


With Real Madrid having been seen as the likely destination for former Monaco forward, a sizable turn of events has left Los Blancos facing a summer of disappointment.

Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga has written a tweet in which he shows his opposition to the renewal.

“What PSG is going to do by renewing Mbappe with large amounts of money (who knows where and how they pay them) after making losses of 700M in recent seasons and having more than 600M in salary, is an INSULT to football. Al-Khelaifi is as dangerous as the Super League”.

Tebas already spoke yesterday about the possible turn of events that has finally taken place, and about Mbappe’s contract figures.

“With PSG in the middle, I don’t think what you are saying is very much. PSG are going to end this year with 650 million euros in wages, with 300 million euros in losses, and they’re still going to make a multi-million euro offer to Mbappe?” he added.

If we are getting our act together in Europe with the state clubs and there is an important reform in UEFA in that sense, this cannot be.

“If Real Madrid, which is the best managed team during the pandemic, which has not lost money during the pandemic, which has significant reserves, which is possibly and I hope will be European champion, it can’t be the case that a team that has lost 300 million [euros] with a wage bill of 600 million [euros] that it doesn’t generate by any chance, can take away a player of that level, it can’t be.”

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