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Makinde in Igangan promises to empower vigilantes


Governor Seyi Makinde, on a visit to Igangan on Tuesday, declared that he would do everything within his powers to safeguard the residents of Oyo state.

He was visiting the town for the second time this year.

The latest visit followed Saturday night attack by armed herdsmen, during which 11 people were killed and properties destroyed.

Makinde visited the families of victims of the attack, stating that the state would empower local security guards and vigilantes in addition to other measures taken to ensure that insecurity becomes a thing of the past in Ibarapaland.

Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, said Makinde visited the town with top government functionaries and the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Adebo Ogundoyin.

He deplored the loss of lives.

He said that the government has been able to identify areas where there are lapses.

He called on the people to give his government the opportunity to address the situation and put in place the right architecture that will enable them to return to their normal lives without fear.

I have told your chairman that all the vigilantes and security guards, the government will be responsible for them. This is your government, please give me the opportunity to do the needful so that a meeting like this would not come up again.

“I urge you to give me that chance to make the issue of insecurity here become a thing of the past. Don’t take laws into your hands.

“We have identified where there are hitches. We are supposed to be going to our farms by now because of the favourable weather. But hold me accountable, I have nowhere to go.

“I believe there are some certain things we put in place, which we think would work but unfortunately, they did not work. Please, give me some time, everything will be resolved.”

Governor Makinde, who promised that his government would work through the sad situation together with the people of the community, stated that it is the last time such a bad occurrence would take place in Igangan.

“It is not a situation where there is any magic we can do. We have to work through this and work together through it. But I promise you, this is the last time anything like this will ever happen here. It is a promise I am making to you, and it is a promise I will come through with.

“Please, don’t take laws into your hands. I urge all the families that lost their loved ones to this attack, because sometimes, emotion can really be high. Please, give us the opportunity to resolve this and make this place better for you.


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