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Premier League clubs vote to keep VAR for 2024-25 season

Premier League clubs voted 19-1 in favor of keeping Video Assistant Referee VAR) for the 2024-25 season.


Wolverhampton Wanderers triggered a vote on the system’s use after formally submitting a resolution to the league in May.

This was on the back of the West Midlands outfit claiming that VAR brought negative consequences that were damaging to football following a number of debatable calls that made headlines last season.

Wolves were however the only club that voted in favour of the proposal and failed to gain any support from clubs at the annual general meeting.

Premier League clubs today voted in favour of continuing to operate VAR in the Premier League,” read a statement on the league website.

While VAR produces more accurate decision-making, it was agreed that improvements should be made for the benefit of the game and supporters.

Wolves expressed their disappointment with the outcome of the vote but welcomed the league’s commitment to improve VAR.

It was reaffirmed at the meeting that semi-automated offsides will be introduced at some point during the season, while the Premier League confirmed in-game VAR announcements will be put in place, similar to what was used during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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