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Psquare brouhaha- Why Lola and Anita are not the problem

The twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye, who have worked as a singing/dancing duo for close to two decades, might be going their separate ways following an alleged series of fracas.

Inside sources in the Psquare camp claim the brothers got into a ‘serious’ fight on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 which left one of them slightly injured. The twins, sources say, got into a war of words during one of their rehearsals, right in front of their band mates. Nothing has been confirmed yet but elder brother and manager Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye dropped a hint of the on-going brouhaha. On Friday, April 18, he wrote on his Twitter; ‘After over 10yrs of hard work, it’s over. Am done (sic)’. Many who claim to be close to them are linking the disagreement to their new marital status. Peter and Paul married their long-time heartthrobs/baby mamas Lola and Anita in October 2013 and March 2014 respectively.

It has been alleged that the relationship between the brothers have deteriorated to a point where they are considering splitting their assets as they plan to go their separate ways. But sources who have known the Okoye brothers for many years have assured NET the recent brouhaha rocking the camp may have little or nothing to do with their wives. One insider told our reporter: ‘Peter and Paul have been fighting since they were small boys. And there’s no song or album they’ve made that they’ve not had quarrels. They almost never agree – whether it’s on choice or songs to release, costume concept or dance routine. Everyone knows that. And they’ve been able to manage it all these years. If it’s reached a point where they can no longer manage it now, I don’t think anyone should blame Anita or Lola’. That information might be a bit hard to believe as months ago, controversies surrounded Peter’s wedding to his longtime lover and baby mama Lola Omotayo. Elder brother Jude Okoye did not show up for the traditional wedding held in October 2013 and it is believed that a number of family members aren’t happy with the wedding too. But one industry big wig who spoke with NET confirmed the twins always ‘disagree to agree’.

Although their minders are trying to down play last week’s spat, multiple sources told this newspaper the quarrel was major, and goes beyond Peter and Paul. ‘It’s complicated’, one source says, suggesting elder brother Jude who tweeted about the issue, may consider finally moving on. Despite the glaring signs, the twins’ rep says all what we’ve heard are ‘silly rumours’. ‘I can’t waste my time on irrelevant news, where do people get this kind of things from?’, he told NET over the telephone. One of the twins, Paul, however wrote on his Facebook Fan page on Sunday April 20; ‘After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention’. But why blame the wives? They have been in the picture for years, standing beside their men as they’ve watched them turn into Pop icons all across the lands in Africa and beyond. Watched them stay away from home for weeks while they went on tour, given birth to children for them outside wedlock and received ridicule from the public who laughed at them and almost swore the twins would never put a ring on it.

If Psquare started to show any signs of splitting, it must have started with themselves; since dropping their debut in 2003, the Pop duo have been known for releasing albums every two-year interval. Psquare debuted in 2003 with the album ‘Last Nite’, released their second album ‘Get Squared’ in 2005, dropped the very successful ‘Game Over’ in 2007, ‘Danger’ in 2009 and ‘Invasion’ 2011 and then something happened. Gradually Peter and Paul’s individual true talent and skills started becoming glaring– Peter, the better dancer of the two sang less while Paul the better singer, danced less. Their last videos ‘Alingo’ and ‘Personally’ explains this best.

In 2013, they didn’t keep up to their record, a sixth Psquare didn’t drop. Creatively, we’ve been told, the twins have drifted apart and fatigue has set in. It seems the brand Psquare is dying a natural death and honestly it isn’t such a bad thing. After an ultra-successful 10-year run with millions of dollars in their accounts, awards on their shelves, giving it a rest might not be such a bad idea. What is hard is the method of separation… Only time will tell what will become of Psquare – one thing is for sure, it won’t get as messy as we’ve seen other label/labelmates tear at themselves. Blood is indeed thicker than water.

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