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VIDEO: Couple blames Lagos nurses for twin baby’s death


Mr. Kelvin and Mrs. Mimidoo Imbul would have celebrated the three months of the arrival of their twins on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

According to the husband, Kelvin, they have bought clothes and shoes for a photo shoot and a small get together for friends and family members, but unfortunately one of the twins died on Friday, January 15, 2021.

However, the family is blaming nurses at the Randle General Hospital, Lagos, for the death of the baby.

Kelvin told our correspondent that his wife, Mimidoo, on Thursday, January 14, 2021, rushed the baby, Zoe, to the hospital after she discovered that she was not feeding well, adding that blood samples were taken from the baby for a laboratory test.

The Benue State indigene noted that his wife then discovered that the baby was not breathing well and she was admitted to the emergency room and placed on oxygen and drip.

He stated, “The test was conducted and nothing was discovered, but the doctor assured us that her oxygen level would be normal and around 12am, the oxygen level came back to normal and she was feeding well. I went home that night to meet the other twin baby and our housemaid, after which I came back to the hospital so that my wife could go home to change and rest.

“My wife called around 3am to come and take her back to the hospital and when we got there, we noticed that our baby was not breathing well again. We woke the nurses up and we were told to go and buy a breastfeeding pipe at the pharmacy around 4am; when it was inserted in her mouth, it was discovered that she had saliva and leftover breast milk in her mouth.

“The baby slept till morning but shortly after, a pregnant woman, who gave birth on her way to the hospital came into the emergency room with the baby with blood all over her, but the nurses refused to attend to her and my wife gave her diaper, wipes and some of our baby’s clothes so that she could clean up the baby; one of the nurses came out from the office and chastised my wife for doing their job and my wife told her that she only helped the woman.”

The 32-year-old Kelvin, who noted that their baby choked while being breastfed around 4pm on the same day, stated that all entreaties to the nurses to attend to her proved abortive as they allegedly ignored his wife.

He added, “My wife called the nurses to come and check the baby, but they ignored her and my wife started struggling with the baby, but things didn’t change and she started crying, which attracted a doctor, who asked what happened and we explained to him.

“The doctor collected the baby and started pressing her chest to revive her, put a pipe in her mouth but she was not moving; that was how we lost her. My babies were supposed to do a photo shoot because they will be three months old on Thursday. We want justice to be done; we want to create awareness that those nurses are not working, but taking the lives of the leaders of tomorrow. I want justice for my baby.”

Mimidoo told our correspondent that the other twin baby had been crying since the death of her sister, adding that she blamed herself for taking the deceased baby to the hospital.


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