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The surreal images of the plane that suffered an exploded turbine and still landed


There are times when reality surpasses even the greatest work of fiction and that was the case as a United Airlines plane en route to Hawaii somehow managed to land safely after suffering from an exploded turbine mid-air.

The aircraft was able to make an emergency landing without any injuries, while parts of the exploded turbine actually landed in the city of Denver.

The Federation Aviation Administration for the United States explained in a statement that the Boeing 777-200 plane was returning to Denver International Airport due to a failure in the engine which occurred during take-off.

A home in Denver was almost struck by the falling debris, which could have been extremely dangerous in its own right.

Passengers on board the aircraft described a terrifying experience that will stay with them for a while, with an intercom message from the pilot being interrupted by a large explosion and a bright flash.

“When it initially happened, I thought we were done, I thought we were going down,” explained passenger, David Delucia.

“The pilot did an amazing job, it was pretty unnerving.”