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US National Guard called in to deal with Trump insurrectionists


Latest report on the Donald Trump mob that invaded the U.S. capitol said Trump has ordered the National Guard to restore order.

This belatedly came after his supporters breached barricades and broke windows to enter the building, prompting lockdown and lawmaker evacuations.

It also came after Republicans and Democrats pleaded with Trump to intervene.

Trump supporters inside the Capitol

Trump supporters inside the Capitol
According to reports monitored on TV, pro-Trump protesters stormed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s offices, flipping over tables and pulling photos off the walls.

One protester even left a note on Pelosi’s file: We shall not back down.

The Governor of Virginia has also sent in police reinforcement.

A former Republican congressman, Will Hurd pissed by what he was witnessing commented: This isn’t a peaceful protest. This is an attack on our democracy and domestic terrorism to try to stop certifying elections. This should be treated as a coup led by a president that will not be peacefully removed from power.


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