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Anxiety in Big Brother’s house over Kayvee’s mental health

Housemates in the Big Brother House have expressed worry over the recent ‘weird’ attitude displayed by Kayvee, one of the new housemates.

They note that the photographer (Kayvee) has been acting strangely recently which is why they are concerned.

Whitemoney while speaking to Liquorose, Emmanuel, and some other housemates on Sunday said he is not sure if Kayvee’s new display is a prank as he acts weird.

Whitemoney said, “He went to the washing machine that was in use by someone else and turned it off. He went to the tap, opened it and washed his face, he looked at us, hissed and left. Is this a prank? This is not funny.”

He said afterward he (Whitemoney) tried to greet Kayvee and he did not respond to his greetings.

Whitemoney lamented Kayvee’s attitude is no longer funny, stressing he is not sure if Kayvee is playing a prank or has really lost his sense.

Cross and JMK also agreed with Whitmoney’s point saying the photographer has really been acting weird. They called on Big Brother to do something.

JMK said, “We’ve been asking Biggy to please take him for psyche examination. It is bad.”

She said Kayvee has also been restless and he has not been answering anybody for a while.

Cross said, “I don’t know what he’s going through but he’s going through a lot.”

During the workout session in the house on Monday, Kayvee was seen crying for reasons unknown.

Kayvee said he really wants to talk to Big Brother as fast as possible about some issues he is having.

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